Quotes for successful minds: Being on the right track

Quotes for successful minds: Being on the right track. Life is filled with tracks all leading to different destinations. You can’t be on more than one track at a time, and for the fact that you are moving fast on a track now does not mean it is the right track for you.

It is not enough to be on a track, it is not enough to be sure it’s your own track, its not enough to be on your track for a very long time, there are some things that matter as much as being on your own track matters. See below for a quote that will help you understand more.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. – Will Rogers

quotes for successful minds

There is no need staying over a particular thing for a very long time especially time much longer than required. You may actually be on the right track but there’s a reason its called a track, it’s because it’s a channel to a destination and not a destination itself.

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Your track is meant for you to make use of in getting to your destination and not for you to spend or waste precious time on. Every time spent cannot be gotten back. Sitting on your track opens you up to unfortunate situations such as sarcastic criticisms which may not serve ass stepping stones for you but may actually serve as stumbling blocks.

Get up and run on your track and not just sit on it. The first step to fulfilling a dream is to wake up, so get up and make a move, and keep moving.