Positive reactions to actions

You may have had incidents where you were expected to react in a particular way or you actually reacted and later found out that you didn’t react the way you should have. Do you need to have positive reactions to actions? You need to prepare before time and have it in you already. Most actions never give you the required time to think, so think ahead.

Epictetus said “Its not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters”.

positive reactions

Most times we react to actions in the same way the action came, but that’s not the right way, reactions should be premeditated and not by impulse. To have the best reaction to issues, it should be critically looked at from different point of views. It is not as easily said, but you have to take necessary steps when reacting to anything so as not to make decisions you will regret later on.

Go ahead and plan your reactions to certain events that mostly occur in your life, because your reaction is what really matters and most times, by planning your reaction before the action, you may find ways to prevent the action from taking place in the first place.

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